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Fred McIntyre, President, CEO
Faye McIntyre, Secretary, CFO
Achievers International, Inc., (an Arizona corporation) provides custom Perl, MySQL, and javascript programming.

We specialize in contact management & email systems, replicating websites and autoresponders, website-database integration, and custom shopping carts. If you also need design work done, we can assist you in finding a designer. We have utilized some excellent designers from India in the past.

We provide excellent prices on domain name purchases, SSL certs, hosting, and many more related services through our subsidiary

Our lead programmer and CEO, Fred McIntyre, began his programming career in 1967. He purchased his first personal computer, a Commodore Pet (pre Commodore 64) in 1981 for $600. It had 16 K of RAM and a cassette tape drive for storage. He paid $300 extra for an additional 16 K of RAM, bringing the total price to $900!

Fred has been a member of Experts Exchange since 1998 when he asked his first question there. Since February 2010 he has been active in answering other people's questions and achieved the rank of Master on July 16, 2010. (As of November 2010 he has been too busy with clients' work to participate.) He was currently ranked as number 13 in the Perl Hall of Fame. Some of the free scripts below are answers that turned into complete packages. Others are from his work for clients. If you have questions, on just about any computer related topics you can think of, for which you just cannot find the answer, we suggest Experts Exchange.
Free Scripts
We offer these to the public both as a free service and an example of our work. They are zipped pure text files - no malware of any kind. The javascripts do not require any other library.

Javascript Date Validate - accepts input of a date and verifies it is a valid date, including if it is leap year when Feb 29 is entered. To obtain this code, click the link, and then View Source.

Picture Gallery - a Perl script which gives an interface for uploading pictures from a browser and putting the url of the picture into a form field on the calling page. Picture Gallery Demo

Form Verification and Submission - Perl and Javascript scripts to verify and process html forms, emailing the response to yourself. This is very flexible. You can have as many fields as you want in your form. You specify which are required. The javascript will verify entries before the form is submitted, making sure all required fields are filled in, email addresses have a valid format, phone numbers have at least 10 digits, etc. The Perl script does the same verification, as a backup.

Note: The following two scripts came from frustration with other published scripts to accomplish their goal. They require jQuery. Include the following line in the head of your html document before the call to these scripts:
<script src=""></script>

Also, the following two scripts do not work properly if you do not declare the document type. That is, have this as the first line of your html page, before the head:
<!doctype html>

Block UI This javascript file will put up a "Processing... " message, blocking the user from interacting with the page. It is usually used when submitting a form. (It is included in Form Verification and Submission, above.). It is very simple to use, but is also very configurable, including colors, the message, font, and spinner icon. Instructions for use are in the blockUI.js file. Click this button to see it in action. I have included a button to close the message - normally it would be closed only by your javascript:

This button calls this code:
function show_block_ui() {
  message:'This is the message...',
  comment:'Click to <button onclick=\'unblockUI();\'>Close</button>',
  icon:'fa fa-refresh fa-spin'
It is closed with this:

Simple Modal This javascript file will open a Modal with the content of your choice. A Modal is what appears to be a pop-up over the page, with the rest of the page grayed out. The content can be simple text or html code, the contents of a hidden div on your page, an iframe, or the out put of a cgi or php script using AJAX. Instructions for use are in the simpleModal.js file. There are very many options. But, as the two examples below show, it can be used very simply. It does not use an image. The close button is done with css.

Sample Modal with text

This button calls this code:
function show_text_modal() {{
  content:'This is just some text<br>on two lines.',

Sample Modal using hidden div

This button calls this code:
function show_div_modal() {{

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