Picture Gallery Demo - Achievers International, Inc.

Feel free to test this, but please do not upload any picture you wouldn't want your six year old to see.

This is a script that will give you a browser interface for uploading pictures and selecting one for use. When you click the button to insert, there is a popup with thumbnails of uploaded pictures, plus a place to upload more.

When you double click a picture in the popup, the url of the picture will be put in a hidden field named "src" in a form on this page. You can customize the name of the form field, or have it do something totally different, if you know a little Javascript. For this demo, there is simply a way to show the picture you have "inserted" so you can see that it works. Pictures larger than 800px high will be reduced to that height when uploaded. This can be customized.

Download gallery.cgi - the script behind the popup. It is a zipped pure text file - no malware or anything bad. Open it in a plain text editor and change the two variables noted.

Be sure to read readme.txt in the zip. It has complete directions.

You must have installed ImageMagick and the Perl module Image::Size.